the amazing mind

The human mind is still something that keeps fascinating me … I was working on my dissertation, looking up a reference to an article of Jonassen on learning as activity, found an article from a Dutch researcher Jan Visser, referencing the Jonassen article. When looking at the references my eye fell on another reference in Dutch – citing a VPRO TV program by Wim Kayzer. Suddenly I remembered this TV series that I had watched back in my student days, and couldn’t remember the title of the series, but still remembered being intrigued by one scientist that was featured (also Daniel Dennett, but that’s for another day) and this scientist had a theory that mice would learn and spread their knowledge somehow through a form of telepathy. So one mouse would learn how the mouse trap works and all mice at other places would get their knowledge updated. Similarly when doing the crossword puzzles in the paper, it would be easier to do it the next day, when some people have already figured out the logic. I remembered this theory and I never remembered the name of the scientist.

So I did a search for Wim Kayzer, got the name of the TV program “Een schitterend ongeluk” (1993) – wow, this is 16 years ago. Found the name of the scientist… Rupert Sheldrake! His theory is called morphic resonance.

Should go and look for his books!

First to finish my Masters, then I can go and read about this kind of theories again…


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