Hot Potatoes vs. Flash quiz templates

A few weeks ago I tried out Hot Potatoes which is an educational software to create quizzes with feedback. It’s very easy to use, it took me less than half an hour to create a few different kind of quizzes. It allows you to fill up the feedback as well to be given when a student gives the wrong answer. The quiz is generated into a HTML format, and can be played back in a browser. Yet, to be able to use multiple types of questions in 1 quiz (e.g. a few multiple choice questions, drag-and-drop, True/False), you need to upgrade to a higher end version.

Though it’s easier to use than Flash, I found the quiz templates in Flash more useful. I have yet to try both of them out with a LMS that supports SCORM, but so far, I’m in favour of using Flash. Still Hot Potatoes is a nice tool for teacher who are not very tech-savvy and would want to make a small quiz to be given to the students as a form of self-assessment.


3 Responses

  1. Yes, one can make quizzes with Flash, and the appearences are more flexible. But, using Flash to create quizzes is more technical than using those software. many teachers do not know and have no time to learn programming. flash or online quiz maker are more convenient than Flash. I’ve never tried Hot Potatoes, but I think I will have a try. I’ve experienced Articulate QuizMaker, Wondershare QuizCreator and Tanida QuizBuilder, they all powerful and easy to use. Besides, the flash quizzes made by those software are conformant for AICC/SCORM. It would be easy for one to deploy the quizzes through LMS. I also wrote a review about those software. Someone interested, may click the link below to have a view:

  2. Hi. I tired Hot Potatoes but was unable to place a link on my website. I was able to see the quiz on my browser but not able to have it placed on my webpage for others to try. Can someone help me, please.

  3. Hi Aileen, I don’t have any more active demo running on my PC, so I can’t give it a try. But I think in Hot Potatoes there should be an option to generate a html that you can include in your website. Then you will need to upload everything this html needs to your web server where you are hosting your site. Then you should be able to see it on the web for others to try only. If not, contact your webhosting administrator to find out more.

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