adult education cross-cultural

Doing some more research today on this topic.

Reading on the theories of Malcolm Knowles the "father" of the androgagy. His theories were quite refreshing of his time and actually seem to be related to the constructivist theories that are forming the paradigm of 21st century learning.

Came across an interesting researcher in this field who has critiqued some of Knowles' principles: Dan Pratt (

Was happily surprised to find that he is doing research on adult education and cross-cultural learning, specificly comparing Chinese and Western ways of thinking about teaching and learning.
It's a field of research that highly interests me.

I'm also interested in the socio-constructivist paradigms and see how they can be applied to adult learning, which is a highly under-researched field. Socio-constructivism, situated cognition and communities of practice are the latest developments in the educational field, and so far mainly applied in school settings (primary and secondary education).

And how IT developments such as blogging can be integrated into learning systems and used as a personal reflection tool. But more on that in later posts.


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